Emma Loves Miles – Maleny Manor

Saying ‘I do’ in the perfection of Maleny Manor – Emma and Miles’ Love Story


Dan Ford is a Marriage Celebrant on the Sunshine Coast and loves to marry couples with fun, sentimental, and engaging ceremonies where Maleny Manor is one of his favourite venues.

Crafting Everlasting Memories: Dan Ford Celebrant at Maleny Manor.

Stepping into Maleny Manor always feels like stepping into a fairytale.

As a celebrant, I have the privilege of witnessing love stories unfold amidst the breathtaking backdrop of the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Maleny Manor stands as a testament to the beauty of nature and the power of love, making it the perfect canvas for couples like Emma and Miles to paint the vision of their future upon.

Embracing the Essence of Love: Maleny Manor’s Timeless Charm

For Emma and Miles, Maleny Manor was more than just a wedding venue; it was the embodiment of their love story. As they exchanged vows with the backdrop of rolling hills and the Sunshine Coast’s ocean in the distance, surrounded by their closest family and friends, the beauty of Maleny Manor mirrored the beauty of their relationship—timeless, fun, elegant, and filled with promise.

The Ceremony, Where the Magic Begins.

Guests arrived to the beautiful sounds of nature, and ‘The Famos & Co’s’ incredible live music – a mix of romantic hits and reworks you know and love. As a wedding celebrant, my role is to co-create ceremonies that honor the unique love story of each couple and that reflect both of their individual personalities, as well as who they have become as a couple. For Emma and Miles, that meant infusing their ceremony with personal touches, anecdotes, memories, and highlights that reflected their journey together. Emma and Miles took this inspired approach further with sentimental and funny personally written vows, and choosing live music as their wedding soundtrack (always a winner!). As they headed back down the aisle as Husband and Wife under a hail of rose petals and cheers, everyone in attendance knew by their smiles and ‘vibe’ that the newlyweds were having the time of their lives, and we were gearing up for a reception full of fun, incredible food… and lots of dancing! True to form, ‘The Famos & Co’ did not disappoint in the dancefloor department, and neither did all in attendance!

For my part, I stayed on to MC and the night was an absolute classic: great atmosphere, hilarious speeches, and tearful moments as well, of course, as best friends and family honoured Emma and Miles as Individuals and as a couple. As Emma and Miles took to the dancefloor for their ‘first dance’, you could tell it was going to be a ‘dancing and singing along’ night… and it was!

Congratulations again Emma and Miles, you threw one hell of a wedding, get-together, and party!!

All of these incredible photos are courtesy of the Uber talented and all-around champion, Luke Middlemiss Photography.

I was lucky enough to work with these incredible Wedding Professionals for Emma and Miles’s incredible Maleny Manor wedding:


Luke Middlemiss: https://www.lukemiddlemiss.com/

Sean Harman: https://seanharman.com/

The Famos: https://www.thefamos.com/

Evalyn Parsons: https://www.evalynparsons.com/

Maleny Manor: https://www.malenymanor.com.au/

Mondo Floral Designs: https://www.mondofloraldesigns.com.au

Love Bird Weddings: https://www.lovebirdweddings.com.au/

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