Renee + Marcus Wedding

02.07.2022 | Flaxton Gardens, Noosa

Renee + Marcus were big smiles from the get-go, and the dreamiest, in-love couple you could ever meet. So I was thrilled to officiate their Ceremony, then MC the Reception at Flaxton Gardens.

These two met in Navy Recruit School: A place and experience I had also subjected myself to. A little on their first date: “We went out to dinner and over ordered…. Renee hardly ate a thing, so I went for it. It was filling.
I don’t remember it being awkward. But I do remember afterwards walking down the pier and brainstorming how I could kiss this girl, without burping up dinner at the same time.” Ha!

Renee , Marcus and I co-created ceremony for maximum enjoyment, weaving the legals, I’do’s and vows around their meeting and courtshop stories and anecdotes. The laughs, tears and storytelling concluded with the proposal story…… Punch line: Marcus had a Ko Samui suite decked out with: Champaign & “Will You Marry Me?” in rose petals on the bed. This was an ‘upon arrival’ surprise for Renee. As the porter opens the door, Marcus leaves Renee outside to check everything is ready. Renee get’s super annoyed as, unbeknown to Marcus, she is busting to pee. Marcus returns asking her to close her eyes for a ‘surprise’: “In my mind I was OMFG its happening!!!! And…don’t pee yourself! He then said: ‘Renee, there is no one else I would want to spend the rest of my life with but you…!’ He got down on one knee and I finally go to open my eyes and he ask the best question he has ever asked: Will you marry me?!?!? I don’t think in that moment I even let him spit out the words I was already saying yes!!!”

Marcus + Renee had a BIG guest list. Everyone had traveled from out of town and was ready to let loose. The Famos & Co played live sets during the ceremony and dinner, then went into DJ mode and the dance floor was heaving with frivolity till close.

Congratulations Renee + Marcus, your wedding was certainly one to remember for all of the right reasons!

I had the pleasure of working with these amazing people and businesses for Renee + Marcus’s Dream Wedding:

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