Serina Loves Andrew – Maleny Manor

Serina and Andrew’s Love Story at Maleny Manor – by Dan Ford Celebrant


Dan Ford is a Marriage Celebrant on the Sunshine Coast and loves to marry couples with fun, sentimental, and engaging ceremonies where Maleny Manor is one of his favourite venues.

Making Family Memories: Serina and Andrew’s Maleny Manor Wedding

Serina and Andrew chose Maleny Manor for their ‘family wedding’ because it ‘felt right’. And from the moment they and their son, Henley arrived on the morning of their wedding, settled into the luxurious Manor’s suites, and set eyes on the surroundings, their feeling was absolutely justified.

Embracing the Essence of Family: Maleny Manor’s Timeless Charm

For Serina and Andrew, Maleny Manor was more than just a wedding venue; it was the embodiment of their love story. Guests were welcomed by the incredible sounds of ‘The Famos & Co’s’ live music, and the vibe was relaxed, enjoyable and upbeat! We co-created their ceremony with plenty of fave memories and little stories, a few featuring little Henley, who was also a page boy and looking very cute-dapper indeed! On a beautiful and breezy day, Serina and Andrew exchanged vows next to the ancient fig tree, exchanged rings, smooched and headed back down the aisle as Mr + Mts Luxmoore to a roar of cheers and plenty of rose petals.

What makes a family-focused Wedding: The Role of Dan Ford Celebrant

During our planning meetings, I had the pleasure of meeting Henly, who added an extra layer of joy and excitement to their special day. Seeing Henly’s eyes light up as he watched his parents tie the knot was a beautiful experience, as was the little man’s love of the spacious grounds and lawn games provided by Maleny Manor. As Mum and Dad hit the cocktail and gin bar, he was zooming around having a blast.

A Match Made in Heaven: Maleny Manor and the Expertise of me, Dan Ford Celebrant

I always look forward to meeting couples and discussing the essential elements that make their relationship and family lives ‘tick,’ so I can craft a ceremony that will engage with the vision they have of their wedding day. When Serina and Andrew chose me as their celebrant, and to exchange vows at Maleny Manor, they were hoping they were choosing more than just a venue; and that they were choosing a setting and a Celebrant that would perfectly capture the essence of the journey thus far, and their future. It was a lot of fun, for all involved!

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