Dan’s synergistic influences

Thanks for booking me in as your Celebrant and/or Master of Ceremonies! Rest assured, we are going to create something very beautiful together! Now just in case you were wondering who I vibe with most (and who my couples have vibed with most as well), here are my top recommendations for you, just in case you were looking for more great vendors to work with…

Far be it from me to ‘push’ any wedding vendor or professional on you, as it is your wedding to plan, research and organise! However, 6 years as a wedding professional has offered me a unique perspective on synergies between vendors & couples… So if you want a little sneak peek on who I resonate most with (and who my previous couples also resonated most with – Photographers, videographers and musicians only)…, click here to check them out for yourselves. Happy planning!


all can also provide fantastic DJ’s as a part of their packages