Hi I’m Dan!

So how did I get here?

After a 12 year career with the Australian Navy that saw me living in Sydney, Mornington, Fremantle, and also overseas on various deployments, my wife Shelby and I settled in Canberra for a number of years. A couple of years ago, we decided it was time for a change (preferably to a warmer climate), so we packed up our life in the Nation’s Capital and moved north to the beautiful Sunshine Coast. I’m now proud to call myself a local of the Sunshine Coast and when I’m not celebrating the love between beautiful couples, you’ll find me walking our little Whippet puppies, Paul and Indy, or enjoying the great beaches of the Sunny Coast.

My philosophy on Love is this… – I believe that the keys to a long and successful marriage are to remember who you are, and remember that this is the person your special someone fell in love with. Always honor and respect your authentic self and that of your spouse. I believe this process is how two souls are united for a common purpose; to nourish and grow together for the rest of your days. True love, always.

Meet My One and Only

Behind the scenes magic…

Love and commitment plays a big role in my life. My wife Shelby , ( pictured ) and I have been married for 20 years, (nearly half of my life!). Despite some extended periods apart during my military service, our ongoing love and commitment to each other always kept us thriving as a couple. She fufills the role of on-the-day coordinator now and then, and enhances everything she puts her mind to. Lucky me! My parents (also natives of the Sunshine Coast) have celebrated their 43rd wedding anniversary recently, and I’m happy to say their love today is as strong as it was the day they were married. I’m proud to have them as such a shining example of the love and commitment that marriage offers.